Web Application Design.


As a web development company, we are dedicated to delivering cutting edge, high performance, bespoke web solutions to our clients. We offer solutions for ALL budgets.

Webideas has a team of experienced full stack developers who can help deliver this. We choose to work on web based applications, and use the .NET platform in particular. This is robust and well supported. Your application will be able to handle complex user interactions, membership accounts (allowing people to register and login), along with a whole world of rich features.

Your application will connect with your database and interact with a whole range of available APIs. Front end we use javascript based technologies to deliver a fast, reliable user experience.

Building bespoke applications
It might be that you need more than a simple website and are looking for a more integrated bespoke application. At Webideas we use the MVC approach to deliver fast, scalable and flexible applications.

Without getting too technical, MVC (Model-View-Controller), allows the development of an application that is separated out into three separate parts. The Model represents the application core, the View displays the data and the Controller handles user input.
What are the benefits of a MVC approach to building your application?
  • Speedy Application Development
  • The separation of the programming logic and the interface code means that development can be rapid and parallel. So, developing web applications using the MVC model it is possible that one developer work on the view while the another can work on the controller. This helps for easy implementation of the business logic of the web application. It surely benefits developers for completing the web application three times quicker compares with the applications that are developed using other development patterns.
  • Asynchronous Development
  • The ability of integrate the MVC architecutre with the Javascript Framework is particularly powerful. This allow the integration of all sorts of widgets and plugins into your application. The use of the asychronous technology allows for fast loading web applications.
  • Multiple Views
  • MVC allows the creation of multiple views for a model. This is particularly useful as the number of ways an application needs to be accessed is growing rapidly.
  • Scalability
  • MVC allows the creation of highly scalable applications.
  • Data Delivery
  • The MVC model allows the return of data without specified formatting. This means it can be delivered within a number of alternative frameworks.
  • SEO friendly Development platform
  • Using this platform, it is very easy to develop SEO-friendly URLs to generate more visits from a specific application.